Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) – Movie Review



It was bound to happen. I was going to see Star Trek Into Darkness, regardless of my intrest level because not only is my husband a sci-fi nerd, but so is my best bud. There was no escaping it so I went along willingly.  Opening night, we got our tickets and headed out with great anticipation. It was serious times indeed as the nerds were out full force. We rolled quickly into the parking garage and headed up to our theater. Because we had arrived early to ensure a good seat, we had to line up and wait just outside the movie theater until we were let in. We’d gotten there pretty early so it was just my group and another, larger group of friends ahead of us, hanging out in the hall for a few minutes. We all chatted away, lined up against the wall, waiting our turn to go inside. While my best friend was excited, the folks ahead of us, were beside themselves with anticipation.

All I can say is that I haven’t been around such a concentrated level of nerdiness in quite some time. I’ll be the first to admit that I geek out about stuff, but this was beyond that; this was overwhelming. By the time the staff let us into the theater, I’d had my fill of nerdgasams.  As soon as a path cleared, I bolted and took a seat swiftly. I also took great care not to end up seated next one of these guys.  You can’t be too careful and I hear a nerd boner to the eye usually bruises.

Safe in my seat, I got comfortable and prepared to enjoy some action.  I wouldn’t say I’m a huge Star Trek fan by any means.  I believe I watched most of The Next Generation and that was about it.  Nevertheless, I’m a sci-fi fan for life and understand the appeal of the Star Trek series.  In other words, I darted into that theater with open arms and an open mind.  At the very least, this promised to be action packed and I really like John Cho as well as Zachary Quinto so there was always that. My fingers were crossed as I prepared to go where no person had gone before.

There’s a good amount of drama in this one so it was fairly easy to follow, even for someone who’s not a hard-core Star Trek fan.  Kirk saves Spock’s life right out of the gate, but he breaks Star Fleet protocol doing so; unfortunately for Captain Kirk, he is subsequently demoted.  The newly demoted Kirk attends an important meeting with his boss, whom is later fatally wounded in the mayhem that breaks out once former Starfleet agent John Harrison  arrives to decimate Starfleet Command. With the captain of the Enterprise dead, Kirk reassumes command and follows Harrison to Kronos, where the Klingons live.

The Klingons aren’t a friendly bunch and the battle to get off Kronos alive is starting to look like it wasn’t worth the risk of going there in the effort to bring down Harrison. Kirk and his crew do everything in their power to capture Harrison and later, his true identity is revealed as he surrenders.  It all feels too easy and Kirk knows it; fortunately, this is merely the beginning. The crew of the Starship Enterprise ends up working with Harrison, knowing full well they’re being manipulated in return.  The resulting adventure is an exciting ride.

Zachery Quinto is an intense and intriguing Spock.  He presents just enough emotion to create a connection yet leave you wondering.  There’s no denying it, you just can’t help but like him.  Quinto puts on the Spock suit and it fits nicely. His relationship with Uhura (Zoe Saldana) adds a relatable dimension to his character. His performance is easily the best thing about this movie.


Chris pine is becoming a convincing Kirk.  He brings to us a Captain that is the good kind of cocky, with a big heart and an impulsive nature. I like experiencing the young Captain Kirk through Pine. He does the sexual tension thing quite well and works as an action star.  While his performance might not be the stuff of legend it’s sincere and to be appreciated.

Karl Urban  as Bones was another of my favorite things in this movie. He cracked me up at all the right spots.  However, I’m not sure I understand the obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch  who plays Harris, but he’s pretty easy to hate and that’s what you’re looking for in a villain, so I suppose he does the job. John Cho as Sulu is great to watch and I’m just sorry he didn’t get more screen time. Saldana spins a likeable and relatable Uhura; I really enjoyed her level of badassery.

Welp, I knew probably wasn’t going to hate it, but I didn’t think I’d like it quite as much as I did.  Surprisingly, Into Darkness lives up to a lot of the hype.  From the very beginning, straight through to the end, you’re zipping through space, avoiding enemy fire and it’s just fun.  The pace is swift and the visual effects are convincing and well executed.  The performances are all well done, but again, Zachary Quinto is the stand out for sure.

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If you’re looking for a load of action and some lighthearted laughter in deep space, you’re in the right place. The effects and sets establish a universe you’re excited to explore.  The solid performances and comic relief make for an engaging story even if you’re not familiar with the television series. Possibly because I’m not a die-hard Star Trek fan, there were a couple of spots during the movie where my mind wandered and I might have closed my eyes for a moment. I’ll admit, I was tired, but a movie should never lose me long enough for me to want to close my eyes.  Again, I attribute that to not being 130% invested in the Star Trek franchise; I had fun nonetheless. It appears that J. J. Abrams has done the impossible; he made me care about Star Trek. Into Darkness is the kind of the big-budget good time that you’re looking for during a long holiday weekend like this one, so you should definitely give it a shot. Watch out for the nerd boners and enjoy the show.  Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone.
















Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)B


B = Watch it in a theater, stream it on T.V. or add it to your Netflix queue; chances are, you won’t curse me when the credits roll, for recommending.