Trailer: Green Book

Don Shirley is a classical pianist in the 60s and he’s about to embark on a tour of the deep South. Don is black and recognizes that this tour will come with some very specific challenges, so he’s looking to hire a driver who can also provide a little security when needed. Enter Tony Lip an Italian-American who shoots from the hip and is in need of some cash. The two click and bond far beyond their employer-employee relationship. ‘Green Book’ is the story of what develops on tour. Look for it in theaters on November 21.

Trailer: Museo (Museum)

Gael García Bernal is back in a new Spanish language film. Set in 1985, 'Museo' is the story of a group of criminals who set out to mock the severely lacking security at the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico by stealing priceless works of pre-Hispanic art. Ultimately, they pull off the biggest heist in Mexican history.

Bernal is one of my favorites and I've been sort of hoping he'd do a Mexican movie again since he stars in (and totally elevates) two of my all-time favorites ('Y Tú Mamá También' and 'Amores Perros'). I can't wait. Language really does change things up, so long as you're not anti-subtitles. Look for 'Museo' in theaters on February 22 here in the US. 

Trailer: Fahrenheit 11/9

The trailer's a HuffPo exclusive and thats annoying because now I have to embed the tweet with the trailer. Sorry. At least it's not as annoying as watching those election results roll in. Annoying is too soft of a word, but you understand what I'm getting at I'm sure. I still can't sit down and write my usual nonsense because I'm still so taken aback by what we've done to ourselves. I should probably stop there before I roll into a political rant with little meaning and even less structure.

Anyway, you know what this is about, just click it. Look for 'Fahrenheit 11/9' in theaters on September 21.