Trailer: After the Wedding

I know, I was rolling my eyes at the beginning of the trailer too. I didn’t want (or need) another movie about a magical savior and I’m glad that’s not what this is about. The intrigue is thick with ‘After the Wedding.’ A trailer can usually sell me on that alone, but then there’s also Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore. Look for ‘After the Wedding’ in theaters on August 9.

Trailer: Tone-Deaf

As far as what exactly is going on in this trailer, your guess is as good as mine. As far as I can tell it’s a little slasher, some comedy, a bit of a thriller, something supernatural, and a little absurdity. I like all of those things individually, so why not mash them up and put them in one movie? Look for ‘Tone-Deaf’ in theaters August 23.

Trailer: Queen & Slim

This takes the tragic story of a violent encounter between a black man and a police officer and flips that narrative so that the cop is the one who ends up dead. Culpability is inferred but I guess we’ll have to watch the whole movie to sort out what’s actually good from what’s bad and what’s right from wrong because rules and laws aren’t always the best gauge. Look for ‘Queen & Slim’ in theaters on November 27.

Trailer: Knives Out

I don’t normally get excited for ensemble movies because they seem to consistently let me down. However, this particular gathering of actors has more than piqued my interest. To be honest, when Michael Shannon popped up, I was completely sold. Turns out I have learned to trust again. Thank you Michael Shannon. Look for ‘Knives Out’ in theaters November 27.