Trailer: Vice

Everyone is out there talking about Christian Bale’s incredible transformation into Dick Cheney, but I’m still stuck on Sam Rockwell’s transformation into Dubya. And, to top it all off, Steve Carell is Donald Rumsfeld and Amy freakin’ Adams is Lynne Cheney. That casting alone should be enough to motivate you to check this one out. Amy Adams and Christian Bale are two of the finest working actors of our time and then there’s Sam Rockwell who was bee severely underrated until he finally won an Oscar in March. Everything about this looks like a winner, so I’ll see you at the theaters on Christmas day 2018.

Trailer: Green Book

Don Shirley is a classical pianist in the 60s and he’s about to embark on a tour of the deep South. Don is black and recognizes that this tour will come with some very specific challenges, so he’s looking to hire a driver who can also provide a little security when needed. Enter Tony Lip an Italian-American who shoots from the hip and is in need of some cash. The two click and bond far beyond their employer-employee relationship. ‘Green Book’ is the story of what develops on tour. Look for it in theaters on November 21.