Back off already, Paramount had no choice

So apparently moviegoers outside the U.S., Canada and China are upset that Paramount sold the international rights for 'Annihilation' to Netflix. I guess they're mad that they won't get a chance to experience the movie in an actual theater, the way it was meant to be seen. However, when audiences were given a chance to see the movie in an actual theater (here in the U.S.), hardly anyone showed up. Not cool. Not good business either. Especially when their box office track record includes: 'mother!,' Downsizing,' and 'Silence.' 

'Silence' put me in a coma but that's neither here nor there. What does matter is that it costs roughly $1,300 to take 4 to 5 people to the movies these days, so I understand people not going full movie theater for just any movie that comes out. 



I suppose the point is that if you want people to make beautiful theatrical releases, you have to get your butt to a movie theater and put your money where your mouth is. Turns out everything's a two-way street. Typical. 

‘Annihilation’ on Netflix: Moviegoers Need to Take Responsibility For Paramount’s Controversial Deal -