It's hard to rationalize the fandom sometimes

Rosemary's Baby was one of the first horror movies that really got to me, disturbed me to my core. I love that about the movie. I hate that Polanski is a pedo. It's hard to rationalize watching the guy's movies since I'm staunchly anti-pedophile. But then, Blue Jasmin is one my favorite movies and we all know what Dylan Farrow said Woody Allen did to her. I feel like I don't watch these movies more often because I don't want to give these men any more of my money. If, however, someone were to put the movie on for me and I wasn't paying to watch, I'd watch. Come, look on as my morals dissolve like cotton candy in water.


How did no one ever learn that sexual assault is wrong?

Can everyone please stop sexually assaulting everyone else? How did we get here? Wait, forgot about toxic masculinity and rape culture and the fact that it's cool to roll your eyes and pretend none of it matters. PC culture, my ass. 

A Running List of All the Dudes Accused of Sexual Misconduct Since Harvey Weinstein - Consequence of Sound

Elizabeth Banks was too old to be cast as Mary Jane in "Spider-Man." Too Old at 28.

Dear Hollywood,

One question: 

Why are men allowed to age and women aren't? Toby Maguire was essentially the same age as Banks at the time and he was cast as high school student Peter Parker / Spider-Man. However, y'all thought a 28-year-old Banks too haggard to star opposite Maguire as Mary Jane. Get over yourselves. 

Women age just like men. Sometimes we even age phenomenally like George Clooney (e. g. Kate Winslet, Angela Bassett, Elizabeth Banks). Other times, time isn't as kind and we follow more of an Al Pacino path. Don't get me wrong. I love Pacino. He will always be my Michael Corleone, but time has tap danced hard across his face. What's more, it will eventually do the same to all of us. So why insist on this bullshit? I guess I lied. Turns out I had two questions. 

Kind Aging Regards,


Elizabeth Banks: I was 'too old' for Spider-Man girlfriend role at 28 -

Did Dan Aykroyd just jinx the whole damn thing?

He's one of the guys who came up with and co-wrote the original Ghostbusters and he's given his blessing. Now can we move on with our internet outrage and pick a new target? I sincerely hope this movie is good enough to shut the internet haters up. All that negativity is starting to chafe. 

Dan Aykroyd: new Ghostbusters is funnier and scarier than original films -


John Carpenter is coming back to the 'Halloween' franchise

This is exciting for me since I have a soft spot for horror flicks. The original Halloween remains one of the best horror movies of all time. In fact, the four-minute single take shot at the start of this film is still one of the creepiest and exciting things I've seen. Welcome back Mr. Carpenter, your innovation and creativity has been missed!

John Carpenter will executive produce the next Halloween movie -






Wolverine III is happening, in fact, it's underway

When all is said and done, 'Wolverine III' be an R-rated movie. This is intended to be a dark, gritty and violent look into Wolverine's future. Man, when summer rolls around super-hero movies are all anyone can talk about for a while. I say that knowing full well that I'll probably go see Captain America: Civil War tomorrow. Ugh, superhero movies. Why can't I quit you?

Wolverine 3 Has Started Filming; Simon Kinberg Confirms R-Rating, Says It’s a Violent, “Different Wolverine” -