Haters give geeks a bad name

Last week the all-girl Ghostbusters reboot was the most disliked movie trailer in all of YouTube history. It has since dropped further down on that most hated list, but if you read the comments below the trailer, you'll get a sense of the rage that follows this film wherever it goes. 

To be clear, I'm not the biggest fan of reboots and remakes. I would rather see new and innovative stories come to the silver screen. However, reboots, remakes, superheroes and all manner of franchises are where the big studios make the big bucks. It sucks, but until us moviegoers decide to stop paying to see these films, the studios will keep churning them out.

When I first heard that there would be a Ghostbusters reboot my initial reaction was to roll my eyes, hard. Just like when I heard Spike Lee was going to remake Oldboy. Who remakes a film that is already perfect? Why would anyone want to deface perfection? Those were my initial thoughts. However, then I heard that Kristin Wiig and the all mighty Melissa McCarthy were cast in the film. That's when my displeasure turned into curiosity.

Wiig is not only a fantastic comic, but she's an excellent actor. If you don't belive me, watch her in The Skeleton Twins and you'll see. Melissa McCarthy essentially has perfect comedic timing and she is a better dramatic actress than anyone will give her credit for. Don't belive me again? Watch St. Vincent and you might want to reconsider. So, if there talent is there and a director who knows how to make a good funny movie is leading the charge, why so much hate?

Maybe it's time to save the negative "reviews" of this reboot until after we've had a chance to see it. Otherwise the negative feedback is meaningless and amounts to nothing more than a bunch of internet babies crying about girls ruining their party and there's nothing more pathetic than that.

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If you're still curious, here's the trailer. It's not the best trailer I've ever seen, but that doesn't' mean the movie will suck because that's not how movies work. Have a little faith and click away.