Miles Ahead

I didn't know much about Miles Davis' music until I met my husband. He's a trumpet player too and not just recreationally. He went to school for it and everything. Sadly, he's never played for me. Every time I ask, he gives me excuse after excuse as to why he's not ready. He says his trumpet playing days were a long time ago. He says he hasn't practiced and he doesn't want to play half assedly. He tells me his trumpet is dusty and hasn't been cleaned. It's been this way for seven years, no matter how often I implore, he denies me. What he plays for me instead is the music of Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Karl Denson and Arturo Sandoval. He plays me his favorites and when we listen, I watch him connect to something I can't even perceive. It's a beautiful thing. He might refuse to show me his skills, but he's shown me a deep appreciation of jazz . This past weekend, on our way to a hike, we kicked on the jazz station in the car. As luck would have it, Don Cheadele was being interviewed. He was talking about his directorial debut Miles Ahead and the sound of his voice as he spoke about Miles Davis reminded me of the look on my husband's face when he hears that glorious jazz trumpet. In that moment I knew I'd be watching this one. All that passion and respect just has to produce something great.