Trailer: Everybody Loves Somebody

I know I don’t usually post trailers for rom-coms, but this one interests me for a couple of reasons: 

  1. This movie’s bilingual
  2. It portrays Mexicans (Mexican-Americans) doing normal stuff and not just rolling deep in gangs, cleaning something or being the token brown face in the crowd.

I speak Spanish and English, I'm Mexican-American and I'm a woman. Sadly, I don't see myself reflected back all that often in the American film industry, the same industry with which I'm clearly obsessed. It's a bummer and I think that should change. Plus, it's refreshing to see my people (<--Yes, I just said "my people," quit rolling your eyes.) doing things in movies that don't involve cleaning mansions or dealing drugs. I've been asking for more movies like this, so I might as well give this one a shot. Don't worry; i'll let you know if it's any good. Look for Everybody Loves Somebody in theaters February 17th.