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25 January 2015

    If science is not your thing--and believing that a blizzard in the winter disproves global warming is a clear indicator of that--you should really think about keeping your trap shut about environmental issues. It's real, here's more proof. Don't worry; even scientists mess up every now and again.

  Do social media however you want. Post food pictures, get offended, send prayers, whatever blows your hair back. It’s your digital world and Bill is not your friend. Bill is an asshole. Bill should die in a f i r e.


  I get that sharing inhalers could possibly have adverse effects since prescriptions vary, but making an example out of a student that just wanted to help out a classmate in distress seems like a slap in the face. If your kid was the one that couldn’t breathe, what would you have wanted that teacher to do, wait for the nurse to email back?

  Image Source: Image Source IZQuotes   I started a new workout / dance routine three weeks ago. I also started cooking all my meals alongside my husband in the evenings. I thought I would hate it because I hate cooking. I was wrong. I feel better than being bloated after going out and eating entirely too much food. Full Hermit Mode engaged.

  I used to always need a large circle of friends to feel normal. When I was a kid, I thought that was the only way to properly function in society. As I grew up, I learned what Facebook is now teaching the youth: lots and lots of “friends” aren’t really friends. These people are just dead weight. Cut them loose. Unfriend the bitter ones and mute the useless ones if you’re too scared to unfriend, yet still want to clean up your newsfeed. Trust me. They’ll get over it quickly since they were never really your friends to begin with.


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22 January 2015

    This is great and everything, but how long do you think it will be before Wal-Mart goes back to retaliating? It will come subtly, slowly and covertly, but the retaliation will return. It’s not enough to know your rights, you better know a good lawyer too.

  Every one of these stories makes it that much harder for me to eat meat. I hate being a sensitive sucker. Now to figure out how to convince myself that steak isn’t delicious.

Bonus Link

  My only question now is when and where can I get a case of this stuff? Actually never mind, I bet if this drug were developed and widely available, we'd just end up finding out it eats your brain.

  Image Source:   I would get a camera for the front door. People get way too angry when they think their phones have been stolen; cell phones are the new babies. I hope this couple stays safe.

  You know what doesn’t eat your brain? Weed.


  I never thought the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences would respond to this diversity issue so swiftly. Maybe they just want to wash their hands of the whole damn thing and point the finger at the real culprit—the lack of diversity in the film industry (not awards shows). Alternatively, this could actually be a genuine move toward diversity in film. I don’t know, but either way it’s a good move and it makes me happy.

Friday News

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08 January 2016

    VR Porn has arrived and we’re never getting rid of it, just like reality TV.

  Flip that switch, unless you’re just watching VR porn.

  This is a horrifying read that made me question one of the few sports I truly enjoy following. Then I remembered that those were people who failed Magomed Abdusalamov.

  Image Source: Fusion   Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that Mexican authorities had recaptured El Chapo Guzman. In a moment of unity, solidarity and educated skepticism, a large portion of the Internet responded with “pix or it didn’t happen.” It was beautiful. I got emotional. I love you guys.

  But fuck me and my annoying political & feminist rants, right? Yep.


  And finally, because it’s Friday and cats are cute…

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06 January 2016

    If this whole Trump fiasco feels familiar, that’s because it is. Trump's impact is serious business because he doesn't want to make America great, he simply wants to own it.

  It was a literal joke that two generations took entirely too seriously. It’s time to let it go, people. Remember, money does not trickle down, it folds up.

  WTF, Mexican government? A stay of deportation? You really like helping out criminals don’t you? Which reminds me, has anyone found El Chapo yet?

  aliens   Excellent. I bet those alien abduction nightmares I used to have weren’t even nightmares. This would explain that time I woke up with a weird and perfectly circular piece of skin missing from the side of my knee.

  I’m actually terrified of what will come after email because instant communication sounds like it'll be the answer. I bet it will swiftly become even more difficult to evade than the dreaded after-hours office emails. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my cane, so I can shake it angrily at all this new technology.

  Good. I hope he goes to prison after all is said and done. How much do you want to bet he won’t, though?

Wednesday News

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16 December 2015

    Yeah, Republicans. I too am waiting for you guys to address right-wing terrorism. It's not just a failure for CNN, it's a failure for that entire political party.

  Tell me again why we don’t need feminism? Go ahead, I’ll try to refrain from bursting into laughter while you respond. I promise. I’m drinking my coffee right now and I wouldn’t want to accentually cover you in coffee spittle.


  Apparently cops in the LAPD are perfect examples of what police officers should be. If you need me, I’ll be over here calling bullshit.

  Image Source:   Mexicans aren’t taking your jobs. They’re too busy getting fired within their borders for striking and demanding a 0.35-cent raise from their American employers. Ahhhh capitalism.

  No. No. No. A thousand times no.

  Yup. It’s time to clear the record, Sean King. If everything’s being handled as it should be, what is the problem?

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14 December 2015

    I get that it’s cool to hate on millennials and anyone who gets offended by anything, but it’s still important to listen. Their perspectives might possibly serve to enhance yours. Fresh and diverse perspectives aren’t the problem, even when they get annoying.

  One of these days we're going to find the one, guys. Hopefully it happens before we completely choke the life out of this planet.

  Hands up if you’re shocked this story didn’t come out of the U.S. I can’t be the only one.

  Image Source:   If any of these women are intentionally misleading the public and the justice system, they too should have to pay for that. However, I certainly hope this does not overshadow the fact that 50+ women have accused Cosby of drugging and/or raping them. The scariest part of their stories is how similar they are. Actually, no, that’s not true. The fact that so many of these women recounted Cosby insinuating or plainly telling them that no one would ever believe their stories of his wrongdoing, is the scariest part of all this.

  It is positively terrifying what we let persist after so much has changed.

  I like the idea. We all sit entirely too much and are way more lazy than we like to admit. The less we move, the worse our quality of life will be until we die. Certified medical professionals should remind us all of that fact, to our faces at our appointments. Maybe that’ll have an impact, because shaming only serves to exacerbate the problem.

Wednesday News Links

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18 November 2015

    Unfortunately no one knows what moderation is about anymore. It’s kind of like the actual definition of ‘literally,’ gone and just about forgotten.

  This is a horrendous and sneaky way of forcing politics on women when what they really need is medical attention. Making abortion inaccessible isn’t doing women any favors. We should be allowed to choose for ourselves and we shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in order to make these life-altering decisions.

  Christ. This is ridiculous. The other pupils should also learn how to deal in situations where they come across folks with disabilities. It’s for the good and safety of everyone that these kids interact, "dangerous" cane and all.

Image Source: Getty Images via Aeon

Breeding feels like a weird way to improve upon the human race, even after taking into account that this is technically already nature’s / science’s way of doing things. Instead of eugenics, maybe we can invest in education and see what happens. I would be curious to see where fertile minds and free will might take us.

  We’re not doing ourselves any favors by dicing ourselves up. We’re all in this together, whether we like it or not. It’s time to man up and realize that, in the demand for change, we’ve got more power when we stand united.

  This kind of trolling should be against the law. If slander and libel aren’t legal, this shouldn’t be either. It’s like revenge porn, disgusting and pathetic.

Monday News Links

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16 November 2015

    It’s many things, but most importantly it is a sign of empathy. We need more of that and if the only way some can demonstrate it is with a meme or a hashtag, so be it. Call it slacktivism if you want, but it looks a hell of a lot more like solidarity to me.

  If you don’t see it, it’s because you’re not looking. If it doesn’t matter unless the victims look like you, then you’ve got another problem entirely.

  Intolerance isn’t a solution in this scenario. In fact, it’s rarely the answer to the world’s problems. Instead of shooting everything that isn’t exactly like us, maybe we should focus on understanding. Understanding does not breed weakness, it builds strength.


Image Source: Oxford Dictionaries It looks like we’ve just gotten the all-clear to start mourning the death of the written language. Also, that's depressingly perceptive rationale on the part of the Oxford Dictionary people.

  The hearts pissed off a lot of people. In related news, we don't give a fuck about anything unless it's trivial. What a time to be alive, y'all.

  Quit running to the doctor crying about every little thing so as to demand antibiotics. You’re not doing anyone (including yourself) any favors.

Friday News Links

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06 November 2015

    Feminism? We don’t need no stinking feminism.

  Five thousand dollars isn’t going to cut it, guys. Good effort though. The sure-fire way to let NBC know that you disagree with their programing would be by not tuning in. Say no to this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, brown people. Remember what they say about the pueblo unido.

  We all need to be more careful about whom we put in charge.

Image Source: Oh FFS, can Hollywood just put on its big boy pants and quit making it so hard for women to get the movies they want made? More women directors, screenwriters, producers and stars would be a better idea. And while you’re at it, Hollywood, you can stop trying to convince everyone that females over the age of 18 don’t exist, no one is buying it anymore.

  We should totally have a right to know what they know about us. I wonder what countries do allow you to look at your own information. It’s entirely too telling that the U.S. is not among them.

  Ben Carson makes me uncomfortable. Taking into consideration that Dr. Carson’s camp already confirmed that this was a lie, he makes me terribly uncomfortable.

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02 November 2015

    Theme parks are excellent fun and everyone loves a good franchise. I just wish there was more of a focus on making new (i.e. completely original) movies. I would still probably check this out and I’ve never read one of these books or sat through one of the movies. I do think J. Law’s great, so there’s that.

  Treating teachers like crap doesn’t seem like the optimal way of ensuring the education of America’s youth. Why is everything so devastatingly backward these days?

  Are GMOs the antrichrist or not? I can’t decide.

Image Source: I believe it and I agree, mostly. Hell yes, more people like Drew Curtis should run for public office. If you think you’ve got what it takes and you want to make a difference, fly free young lad / lass; make it happen. However, I think tech will kill the two-party system doing something it’s always done, making massive amounts of information, digestible in new and interesting ways. Infographics and memes will have a hand in changing the world. Just watch.

  Changing sexes isn’t natural you say? Science would like to have a word with you.

  None of us will ever be as badass as Willie Nelson.

Tuesday News Links

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27 October 2015

    Are police officers not trained in de-escalation techniques? Do they not have any sort of instruction on how to get a situation under control without abuse of power or excessive force? I’m curious.

  She wasn’t disturbing school; she was standing up for her classmate who was being mistreated. She was doing what one is supposed to do. I wonder if anyone is going to investigate this bullshit as well as the assault.

  Well, it seems like it’d be harder to accidentally kill someone if what you’re working with is nunchakus. With that said, the cop in the first link didn’t use anything but his hands to demonstrate excessive force, so who knows how much of a help this will be.

Image Source: Justin Picard via Yes, a euthanasia coaster sounds outrageous, maybe even downright crazy. Looking at death in a different light, however, seems like a brilliant idea. Why not?

  I hope more companies opt for this sort of thing. Better yet, I hope more people opt out of losing their minds for non-deals designed to separate them from their money and stay home instead.

  People like the Pharma Bro count on you not knowing eactly what they’re talking about and not caring enough to look it up or ask questions—real questions. Hopefully that makes you mad enough to stay informed and call out the bullshit when you see it. If you don’t, no one will.

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26 October 2015

    We all need access to the global portal that is the Internet, and not just for the free porn. I can’t imagine having to do research or work on projects without the timesaving ease of hopping online. Yes, I know this is how things were done a long time ago, but that time has come to a close. Wi-Fi vans are great, but we need more. The Internet should be a public utility.

  Good luck to those fine people fighting the good fight in Colorado. I live in a part of the country where a guy is choosing to live in a box truck, so he can pay off debt. Renting an apartment in Silicon Valley for a price that allows you to pay off debt simultaneously, is no easy task, even when you work for Google. Looks like the world hates poor people more than I thought.

  The real enemy isn’t weed; it’s fake weed. Well, that and the continued criminalization of a drug that has long been proved to be safer than alcohol and cigarettes, which kill millions and are easily obtainable without going to jail.

Image Source: If you weren’t in mourning due to last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, you sure as hell were by the time you read this. If this is your first time reading about the World Health Organization’s latest findings, my condolences. I’m going to miss Bacon too. However, to be fair, everything we do and eat is probably killing us in some way and if it isn’t, time will surely get us. Have a lovely rest of your day.

  Know anyone with diabetes, Parkinson's or Alzheimer's? Welp, looks like those folks are even more screwed because of the anti-Planned Parenthood videos that came out not too long ago. Despite being heavily edited, to the point of flat out lying, they’ve done their damage, just not where intended. Good work, you manipulative jerks.

  Dear America, we’re self-absorbed, un-cultured psychos. This has been going on for 50 years. We should be ashamed of ourselves for just finding out. Personally, I’m more amused than ashamed, but you probably already knew that.

Thursday News Links

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22 Oct 2015

    In an interesting turn of events, a company that makes (non-FDA approved) drug compounds seems to have a heart. They’re making much more affordable, compound versions of expensive drugs. The folks over at Imprimis promise that there are many more to come. They're targeting drugs with price tags which have been obscenely inflated for profit. Color me curious.


  I refuse to believe that phonetics and language aren’t fascinating to everyone. They’re two of the major tools we use to talk to one another, to declare who we are, what we think, etc. It’d be a far less interesting world without them. C’mon, click the link and relish this language nerd moment with me. You know you want to.

  The only one that I find offensive is the one about feeding the parking meters. Eff that, those cars had their moment, and their time is up. They need to move it along so someone else can get a shot at that spot. Parking is far worse than traffic in that city.

Image Source:

That’s nice. I like it. Sure it’s a little lame, but who cares? Stand up for people. Show some goddamn empathy; it won’t kill you.

  It’s both--all the time.

  Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is a worthless president. He perpetuates everything that is wrong with the shamefully corrupt government. Of course his people would put together a condescending piece of PR crap. I’m glad the people of Mexico are telling them where they can shove this bit of idiotic advice.

P.S. Good looking out, John Oliver.

Friday News Links

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02 October 2015

    Oh look. We can discuss this stuff and not be racist as hell. What a novel approach.

  Stories like this just make me more excited to see the new Steve Jobs biopic. Ambition is one hell of a double-edged sword. Most powerful stuff is I suppose.

  It’s too bad Americans were tricked into living off a trickle.

  Image Source: WIN-Images / Corbi via The Daily Beast   Why are we obsessed with sociopaths lately? Is it because we’re realizing there are way more of them out there than once thought? I bet it is. Pay close attention. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Sometimes, there are so many different facets to a personality that it's easy to get lost in all the shimmer. It’s a trap and you’ve been warned.

  Woah. This just might be the best thing I’ve read all day.

  How long do you think before any of it changes? I wonder if Munoz asked Jenna to funnel her strengths into an area where she might have a greater impact.

Tuesday News Links

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29 Sep 2015

    I'm assuming the pro-lifers are gonna show up and protest this unnatural end to a human life. I’m looking at every last one of you that support defunding Planned Parenthood.

  If it does indeed go down this way, it’s going to change the game on Twitter. However, if the folks at Twitter do change the 140-character limit, they’re going to begin eroding the already dwindling pool of active users.

  Reason #489 why I exhibit no shame when admitting / announcing I’m a feminist: People still think rape is no big whoop. I’d like to see what their thoughts are on the subject after someone’s forcibly penetrated them, but wishes are for fools and I like my reality neat. As a matter of fact, I’ll take a double. I’m gonna need it to get through this article.

  Image Source: Popsugar   Ever tell a chick that average, size-six women are often labeled as “plus size” in the fashion industry? I have and it’s not pretty. I will say though, I regularly take great pleasure in watching as the horror sharpens their features and stiffens their posture in response to my words.

  We should get up for a minute and maybe go outside. C’mon. It won’t hurt. Well that is unless you have an evil employer that forbids you from enjoying your day while on the company dime, even if it’s only for a fleeting moment. If that’s the case, you should be flipping through the job listings every chance you get. Keep looking & keep hope alive.

  If Napster paved the way for services like iTunes, I wonder what Popcorn Time will lead to.