Friday News

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

08 January 2016

    VR Porn has arrived and we’re never getting rid of it, just like reality TV.

  Flip that switch, unless you’re just watching VR porn.

  This is a horrifying read that made me question one of the few sports I truly enjoy following. Then I remembered that those were people who failed Magomed Abdusalamov.

  Image Source: Fusion   Earlier today, President Enrique Peña Nieto announced that Mexican authorities had recaptured El Chapo Guzman. In a moment of unity, solidarity and educated skepticism, a large portion of the Internet responded with “pix or it didn’t happen.” It was beautiful. I got emotional. I love you guys.

  But fuck me and my annoying political & feminist rants, right? Yep.


  And finally, because it’s Friday and cats are cute…