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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

22 Oct 2015

    In an interesting turn of events, a company that makes (non-FDA approved) drug compounds seems to have a heart. They’re making much more affordable, compound versions of expensive drugs. The folks over at Imprimis promise that there are many more to come. They're targeting drugs with price tags which have been obscenely inflated for profit. Color me curious.


  I refuse to believe that phonetics and language aren’t fascinating to everyone. They’re two of the major tools we use to talk to one another, to declare who we are, what we think, etc. It’d be a far less interesting world without them. C’mon, click the link and relish this language nerd moment with me. You know you want to.

  The only one that I find offensive is the one about feeding the parking meters. Eff that, those cars had their moment, and their time is up. They need to move it along so someone else can get a shot at that spot. Parking is far worse than traffic in that city.

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That’s nice. I like it. Sure it’s a little lame, but who cares? Stand up for people. Show some goddamn empathy; it won’t kill you.

  It’s both--all the time.

  Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto is a worthless president. He perpetuates everything that is wrong with the shamefully corrupt government. Of course his people would put together a condescending piece of PR crap. I’m glad the people of Mexico are telling them where they can shove this bit of idiotic advice.

P.S. Good looking out, John Oliver.