In researching the news for the Friday News Links post, I came across something regarding mass extinction. This got me on the Thought Train, which took me to Independence Day, which eventually got me thinking of this scene.


I realized today, after watching that scene, that I’m at my most patriotic during times of national tragedy and whenever I hear that speech. I’m not even sure what that means. What I do know is this:
It doesn’t bode well.

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Anyhoo, happy Friday, y’all and remember to take it easy and quit answering work emails.


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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  I don't know about you, but I won't be drinking any green beer today. I might, however, sit down to watch The Boondock Saints instead. I suppose we all choose to celebrate our holidays differently.

While we're on the subject of celebrating in a unique manner, how about I share with you the St. Paddy's Day Edition, GIF of the day:


How does this qualify as a St. Paddy's Day edition if Michael Fassbender was born in Germany? Well, his mother is from Larne, County Antrim, in Northern Ireland.


Love to Watch You Leave - Gif of the Day

woman wake up  

You ever start your day with a song stuck in your head? I did, yesterday.

In the mornings I don’t jump out of bed like some folks, I like to take my time with it and ease myself into the waking world. Yesterday morning I woke up fairly early, stretched my legs out under the covers and then started looking around the room. As my eyes began to focus, I heard something in the distance.  I zeroed in on that sound and soon realized I was hearing the beginning notes of a song.  I instantly thought to myself, “how funny, I wonder how that got stuck there. I literally just woke up.” Amused and still slightly disoriented, I hung out in bed for a moment stretching and thinking about work and what I needed to get done. I then thought about my looming deadline and decided that I should probably get started with my day. I got up and out of bed, shook off the last of the sleep and headed to the bathroom. On my way there, that song that I woke to, popped back into my head, those same beginning notes over and over again; “I’m fucked,” I thought. That song was going to be stuck there, all day long—I just knew it.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done so I just continued with my morning routine. I began straightening up the house, putting things away, dishes in the sink, jackets in the closets and dog toys in dog toy basket. After that, I got to settling in on the couch to do some serious work. I’m weird in that I can’t think when the house is messy so I go around putting things away in the mornings, after I get up and before I make my coffee.

Welcome to my world, it’s a creeper place, I know.

While I was cleaning up, the first minute or so of that song seeped back into my conscious thought and subsequently, I decided to embrace it and make it my Theme Song of the Day. At one point during my breakfast coffee ritual, I zoned out of reality and slipped back into the part of my brain that was looping said Theme Song. This was also the first time I actually paid close attention to the noise inside my skull and bothered to listen to the lyrics.  It was at this point that I decided this had actually been a terrible choice for Theme Song of the Day because the lyrics did not reflect my current mood, even if the music did. While waiting for my coffee to brew and while staring down the Keurig machine, I decided I needed to get the stuck song, unstuck and replaced with something more reflective of my actual mood. I needed funny and random; I needed something that would induce a satisfying belly laugh or two.

As I always do when I’m in search of random, I turned to the internet, Google to be exact. I needed something funny, fast and sticky enough to adhere to the afore mentioned special part of the brain that loops crap in your mind. I figured a gif search was in order. Gifs are short and to the point. They usually involve humor and besides, the good thing about a gif search is that there’s plenty of opportunity to get things stuck in that special place that loops things. What I came up with in my search was pure gold because now, I’m obsessed with exiting rooms like this, any chance I get.

And so it was that the Theme Song of The Day was swiftly replaced with the looping image of greatness below. If I could exit the room like this right now, I would—I so would.

fake it til you make it