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18 November 2015

    Unfortunately no one knows what moderation is about anymore. It’s kind of like the actual definition of ‘literally,’ gone and just about forgotten.

  This is a horrendous and sneaky way of forcing politics on women when what they really need is medical attention. Making abortion inaccessible isn’t doing women any favors. We should be allowed to choose for ourselves and we shouldn’t have to jump through hoops in order to make these life-altering decisions.

  Christ. This is ridiculous. The other pupils should also learn how to deal in situations where they come across folks with disabilities. It’s for the good and safety of everyone that these kids interact, "dangerous" cane and all.

Image Source: Getty Images via Aeon

Breeding feels like a weird way to improve upon the human race, even after taking into account that this is technically already nature’s / science’s way of doing things. Instead of eugenics, maybe we can invest in education and see what happens. I would be curious to see where fertile minds and free will might take us.

  We’re not doing ourselves any favors by dicing ourselves up. We’re all in this together, whether we like it or not. It’s time to man up and realize that, in the demand for change, we’ve got more power when we stand united.

  This kind of trolling should be against the law. If slander and libel aren’t legal, this shouldn’t be either. It’s like revenge porn, disgusting and pathetic.