Dirty Little Secret

A Story by Dawn Del Sontro

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 “Don’t touch that!” he shrieked at me his frightened voice many octaves higher than my normal voice. I barely managed to refrain from laughing at his terror and tried to avoid looking at him as I busied myself by brushing at the wet leaves stuck to my knees and shins.

“Oh, God Troy, don’t be such a baby,” I told him. I turned my back away from where he cowered and hunched down to inspect what we’d found on our adventure in the woods. He’d brought me, the resident school nerd and well-rounded dork, out here to do dirty things to me so that no one would know that he liked me. When I say liked me, I mean liked to have crazy naughty sex with me because I let him do things to me…and did things to him…things that his perfect little girlfriend wouldn’t ever do in her lifetime.

I felt him behind me, his legs almost touching my back as he cautiously approached me. He shivered but not from being cold. It was a nice autumn day. I hid my face so as not to let him see me trying to stifle my laughter at his fear.

“Don’t poke at it!” he shrieked again. God, what a sissy!

“You are such a wuss.” Again I poked the bloody covered clump of…something…with a stick. It’s not what I’d expected to see. I leaned close to try to figure out exactly what I was looking at.

It was a huge chunk of what looked like raw prime rib, the ends jagged and mangled like ground beef.

“It looks like…a part of a leg or an arm,” he whispered, beside me now, finally building up enough courage to crouch beside me, he leaned close enough to me that I could feel his hot minty breath on my face.

His stink of his breath and his tangible terror annoyed me that I needed to move away from him before I couldn’t stop myself from slapping him in the face.  After I could breath without the smell of gum, I poked at it again. He was right. It was a thick section a thigh, about six inches of flesh, muscle and bone. Eerily resembling a rib eye steak, only made out human instead of, you know, a different kind of animal.

The slab was covered with dried blood, leaves, dirt, and grass. We wouldn’t have seen it except for the fact that we were lying almost right on top of it. I was busy with other things when Mr. Football Star screamed, jerked away and almost lost his dick as my surprise changed my mouth from soft and sweet to shock and teeth.

“We need to go and, um…tell someone,” he whispered. I stifled my snorting laugh.

“Why are you whispering?” My voice was loud in the silence of the woods. It’s like all the animals and birds were holding their breath for something.


“Why? What’s going to happen? We wake up the chunk of meat and have it scold us?”

He looked at me with his mouth open, eyes wide, shocked at my flippant words. “God, Sara, you are so fucking strange.”

“Strange? I’m not strange enough that you won’t fuck me now am I?” I snapped at him. “Your little hot girlfriend would be so disappointed with you before she moved on to the next football player.”

He turned away to look back at the meat, but he didn’t deny my words. My anger came fast. I knew this was our relationship when we started. This is exactly what I had wanted but up until now I hadn’t realized that I cared as much as I did. Since he’d started dating her, I was just something he used when she was too busy for him. I was the smart freak that let him do things that the sweet innocent preacher’s daughter wouldn’t.

I stood quickly, my vision darkening for just a moment as my head adjusted to the change in height and my burst of fury. My fists clenched, the stick digging into my hand.

He followed more slowly, stepping back a little to give me room or maybe to move away from the thigh.

“Hey, listen. Don’t be mad. It’s just that, well you know. You didn’t want anyone to know about me either and now with Kimberlee around…well, you know how it is.”

He was right about me not wanting to be seen with him but not for the reason he thought. When we’d first gotten together I felt like his special secret, now I didn’t feel special. I just felt dirty.

Had he made any effort to treat me like a person I might have thought a little better of him and changed my mind. The past five minutes just solidified my opinion of him and cemented my decision.

Kimberlee. God, I hated her. I hated her blonde hair, too white smile and pretentious way of telling everyone that she was not Kim, but Kim-BER-LEE. Kim (poke me on the nose) BER (poke on the forehead) LEE (her high-pitched laughter as she walked away).

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             When I didn’t say anything he pulled his phone from his back pocket, dialed, frowned, and walked away from me. Signal strength out here was horrible. I should know since I searched for hours for this particular spot. A girl doesn’t want an unwanted call when she’s misbehaving with the local football hero. It’s a horrible mood breaker. Today, it would have ruined everything.

“No luck?” I asked innocently, actually batting my eyelashes at him for effect. He missed my effort of playing helpless damsel in distress, shook his head at my question and tried again.

With no connection, he snapped the phone shut and turned to me, “Let’s hike back to the road, I’ll keep trying and you keep track of where the…uh…that…is.”

I didn’t reply, but looked at my watch. A snap and crunch of leaves behind me made me smile.

Perfect timing. Troy jumped and spun to look to the direction of the sound, his phone held in front of him like some kind of a pathetic weapon.

His eyes widened in surprise before his shoulders relaxed and his hands dropped to his sides.

“Fuck, Luke. You scared the shit out of me. What the hell are you doing out here?” He let out a deep sigh and then suddenly tensed up again when he realized that he’d just been caught with his pants down, with the school freak. He looked from me to Luke and back to me again. He opened his mouth to speak, but Luke beat him to it.

“What the hell are you doing out here with Science Sara?” Luke didn’t bother to look at me and I ignored him. Science Sara. Better than an over-pronounced name for a Barbie.

“Uh, well, see…DUDE, we found a body part!” Tory shouted pointing at the mess a few feet away. He looked happy to have something to pull his teammate’s attention from me.

Too bad Luke was more interested in the two of us. “A body part? Like your dick, man?” Luke asked and then laughed at his own joke.

Troy let out an uncomfortable chuckle before realizing that after we made our discovery, he’d never paused to zip up. He hastily fastened his pants.

I walked to my discarded backpack and unzipped it before walking past Troy. He didn’t even try to stop me. No “Sara, wait, let me walk with you.” No “We just found a body part, it might not be safe out here.” He just let me go. Discarded me without a second thought or moment of hesitation.

It wasn’t until Luke said “So, how’s Kimberlee?” did I stop to turn.

Troy bent his head in shame and cleared his throat. He didn’t get to answer the question because I seized that moment to pull my knife from my pack and shove it into his back as far as I could.

Poetic justice really. He stabs his friends in the back, so that was the best he deserved.

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            Poor Troy fell to his knees with a gasp of pain and a hoarse cry. He reached forward to his friend, his raspy voice pleading almost to soft to hear, “Help me.”

Luke came forward, still ignoring me, and grabbed his friend’s hand. With his free hand he reached around and grasped the knife, shoving it in even further. Blood bubbled from Troy’s mouth, his hands white-knuckled clutched at Luke’s hand.

With a laugh Luke yanked his hand free and shoved Troy to the ground. Then Luke held out his hand to me and smiled. I put my bloody hand in his and smiled. His pressed his lips to mine. I leaned in and tried to wrap myself around him, through him. His arms engulfed me, crushing me against him. The smell of his skin mixed with the scent of warm blood made me crave him.

Being in his arms made me remember why Troy had stopped being useful to me.

“Wait Sara,” he said against my lips. “We need to finish this,” he motioned at Troy, “before we get carried away.”

I nodded and extracted myself from his arms. The breathy groans from the ground drew my attention. “Still alive?” I asked, mildly surprised.

“Wow. I’m impressed. Kim died almost immediately,” Luke said.

“Don’t you mean Kim-ber-lee?” I enunciated each syllable to in a manner so Kimberlee like that I actually annoyed myself a little. “And speaking of the dead bitch, you were supposed to leave something a little more human looking. That slab of her thigh, that was pretty obscure,” I scolded.

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 Luke smiled sheepishly. “Sorry about that. I was going to bring a hand or foot or something, but I ran out of time. I got stuck at work and then my mom made me help her. I grabbed whatever I could find.”

I sighed but let it go. At least he had a good excuse. “That’s ok. He still freaked out once he realized that it was human. You should have heard him scream.” As we laughed Luke pulled my pack from my hands and placed it gently on the ground.

He yanked it open and pulled out my knives and handsaw. “Let’s see if we can get him to scream like that again,” he said as I looked into the quarterback’s eyes.

I picked up saw and turned it on for dramatic effect and held it so Troy could see it spin, it’s blade a blur but still stained with good old Kim-ber-lee’s blood. “Do you want to start or should I?” I asked.

Luke didn’t hesitate. “You. He’s been fucking you more ways than one. All he did to me was take my girlfriend.”

I smiled, “That gives me an idea.” Then I lowered the saw to Troy’s groin.

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