Thursday News

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

11 February 2016

    PornHub wants to save the whales. It seems sex and voyeurism aren’t all bad, no matter what anyone tells you at church. So, since you’re going to masturbate anyway (you can’t lie to me), you might as well do it with PornHub’s help. Do something good while you’re doing yourself good. It’s the right thing to do.

  Humble folks to not exist to become cash cows for their city governments just as students should not become cash cows for the banks that provide them with student loans. The longer we let this kind of stuff go on unchallenged, the sooner it reaches you, me and everyone else. The government and the banks are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

  I’m all for any technology that will make current events more digestible and appealing to the general populous. Stay informed, because far too many people in positions of power are hoping you won’t. They’re counting on your apathy.

  stares in spanish   I can’t tell you how relieved I am that more people didn’t buy into her lies about Planned Parenthood. It would have broken my soul if they had. Valid and well-researched (i.e. correct and true) information is easily accessible nowadays and usually only a few clicks away. If we allow ourselves to be bamboozled in 2016 it is out of pure sloth and stupidity. Also, the fact that they used a GIF from a Mexican telenovela makes this even more awesome, at least for me. Ajua!


  File this under Creepy As Fuck. Also, can someone check a calendar because I think it might be 1984.

  Awesome. I’m going to print this out, and the next time someone in my family gives me shit for not being a devout Catholic anymore, I’m just going to hand it to them and walk away.