Pinterest Better Not Fail Me Now

At first I didn’t get Pinterest. I thought it was where women went to collect pictures for their dream weddings. I didn’t know how it worked and I couldn’t understand the appeal. I suppose I didn’t think it was the platform for me and so I refused to buy into Pinterest for years. I was a fool. A coworker of mine was the one who finally showed me the light. One day she came into work, looked at me and asked if I was on Pinterest. I told her I wasn’t. I said that since I’d already gotten married and I wasn’t pregnant, I had no use for it. She rightfully scoffed at me and said, “Get on there. You’ll see once you start using it.” She was right.

Once I realized that Pinterest could be used for gawking at fashion, memes and cars, I was hooked. When I realized people used the site for interior design inspiration, it was all over. Interior design is kind of an obsession and hobby for me. I’ve watched more HGTV than any one human should. Architectural Digest is better than any gossip rag could ever hope to be in my world. If it were scientifically possible, I’d probably have OD'd on home décor at least seven times by now.

Every now and again, that former co-worker and current friend who introduced me to Pinterest, will ask for my input when she’s remodeling or redecorating. I live for those moments. I’ve always wanted to design a space, not for myself, but for someone else. I know what I like and I get to execute those ideas in my own house, but it’s exciting to look at what other folks like to surround themselves with and expand upon that visually. OMG, I got excited just typing that out. That’s how much the idea appeals to me. Unfortunately, no one has ever asked me to design a space for them, so I just constantly rearrange the furniture at my house.

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Recently, my friend Isabel asked for some ideas for her backyard. She was looking to do something different with the space. She’d already bought some great furniture, but wasn’t sure where to go from there. I asked her some questions and gave her some feedback. As I was suggesting a new configuration for her furniture, I asked if she would mind letting me design the space so I could write about it. “We could use Pinterest to plan the redesign,” I said excitedly. “Sure. Let’s do it,” she replied. “Seriously?” I asked. “You’re willing to let me design the space? Can I take pictures? OMG can we DIY?!” My enthusiasm clearly amused her and since she’d done some DIY stuff before, she agreed.

Here’s a list of what she wants for her backyard makeover:

• A Moroccan hideaway atmosphere in the space • Color • Outdoor / weatherproof DIY room divider • A space for setting out food and drinks when entertaining • Easy access to all her gardening tools, grilling items and pet supplies, while keeping them out of sight • A feature wall

We have a lot to achieve and a $587 budget with which to get it all done. In addition to that, we’ll be using Pinterest to plan it out. Earlier this week I went over to Isabel’s place to figure out how big we wanted to make the room divider. We also tried out several different furniture arrangements. We moved all of Isabel’s plants--she’s quite the gardener--and reorganized her gardening, grilling and pet supplies. She’s got a great space and enough furniture to create several different conversation areas for entertaining. Furniture placement is key and it’s free. We arranged and rearranged until we were exhausted, but we managed to get the furniture placement just right. Now it’s all a matter of bringing in the warm elements that will evoke that Moroccan feeling. I’ve never been big into DIY projects, but what the hell? I know Pinterest won’t let me down. Plus, Isabel has some experience in this realm, so she’ll be a great resource. Welp, since the rugs we had originally chosen for the space are on backorder, I should probably find replacements. Stay tuned and cross your fingers I don’t pull a Pinterest fail. I'll include pictures of my progress in my next post.