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25 January 2015

    If science is not your thing--and believing that a blizzard in the winter disproves global warming is a clear indicator of that--you should really think about keeping your trap shut about environmental issues. It's real, here's more proof. Don't worry; even scientists mess up every now and again.

  Do social media however you want. Post food pictures, get offended, send prayers, whatever blows your hair back. It’s your digital world and Bill is not your friend. Bill is an asshole. Bill should die in a f i r e.


  I get that sharing inhalers could possibly have adverse effects since prescriptions vary, but making an example out of a student that just wanted to help out a classmate in distress seems like a slap in the face. If your kid was the one that couldn’t breathe, what would you have wanted that teacher to do, wait for the nurse to email back?

  Image Source: Image Source IZQuotes   I started a new workout / dance routine three weeks ago. I also started cooking all my meals alongside my husband in the evenings. I thought I would hate it because I hate cooking. I was wrong. I feel better than being bloated after going out and eating entirely too much food. Full Hermit Mode engaged.

  I used to always need a large circle of friends to feel normal. When I was a kid, I thought that was the only way to properly function in society. As I grew up, I learned what Facebook is now teaching the youth: lots and lots of “friends” aren’t really friends. These people are just dead weight. Cut them loose. Unfriend the bitter ones and mute the useless ones if you’re too scared to unfriend, yet still want to clean up your newsfeed. Trust me. They’ll get over it quickly since they were never really your friends to begin with.


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