Wednesday News

Not Breaking, but Interesting News

06 January 2016

    If this whole Trump fiasco feels familiar, that’s because it is. Trump's impact is serious business because he doesn't want to make America great, he simply wants to own it.

  It was a literal joke that two generations took entirely too seriously. It’s time to let it go, people. Remember, money does not trickle down, it folds up.

  WTF, Mexican government? A stay of deportation? You really like helping out criminals don’t you? Which reminds me, has anyone found El Chapo yet?

  aliens   Excellent. I bet those alien abduction nightmares I used to have weren’t even nightmares. This would explain that time I woke up with a weird and perfectly circular piece of skin missing from the side of my knee.

  I’m actually terrified of what will come after email because instant communication sounds like it'll be the answer. I bet it will swiftly become even more difficult to evade than the dreaded after-hours office emails. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find my cane, so I can shake it angrily at all this new technology.

  Good. I hope he goes to prison after all is said and done. How much do you want to bet he won’t, though?