What Ever Happened to that War on Terror?

Last Friday (November 27th) Robert Lewis Dear terrorized a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. He killed one police officer and two civilians. He was taken into custody alive and unhurt. That last part still blows my mind considering that people like Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner all ended up dead without so much as laying a hand on a cop. Robert L. Dear Jr., in a court appearance via video on Monday at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center in Colorado Springs. Credit Pool photo by Daniel Owen

I wasn’t sure what to say about the Planned Parenthood shooting because it’s become part of our American routine. Folks shoot up public places, we’re distraught for a day or maybe even a week and then we forget. It happens on a regular basis and much commentary is spewed and debated in the wake of these crimes. What's left to say that hasn’t been said before? I had nothing until I saw the clip below.

As Larry Wilmore so eloquently put it, Robert Lewis Dear isn’t the only one with blood on his hands. Wilmore is absolutely correct when he insinuates that intentionally misleading news outlets should share in the blood spatter. I couldn’t agree more and if you’re doubting me, watch this clip and formulate your argument.

Those of us that get our news from various sources and who like to verify what we’ve heard, knew from the start that Planned Parenthood was never dealing in black market baby parts. The educated among us understand that Planned Parenthood is an organization that provides women’s health care to the underserved. Planned Parenthood isn’t Abortion, Inc.

I went to Planned Parenthood, but it wasn't for an abortion - sheknows.com

What Robert Lewis Dear did was attack our freedom. Dear terrorized many, killed three and left nine others injured in his wake. Dear is a domestic terrorist and should be treated as such. Anything less would be an insult to the American way, much like every word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.

Before I go, I have some questions for Dear and for the other domestic terrorists that take lives and wreak havoc on innocent people:

Why do white dudes feel compelled to shoot up public places so often? What is wrong with y’all? I don’t know what’s going on with your kind, but it is officially time to ask for help. You guys have a problem. You can’t stop. Admit it. Look at the news; it’s almost always people that look just like you. Why do you hate freedom? Why must you terrorize your fellow Americans? It’s contrary to everything this great nation stands for and you should know that better than anyone because you benefit most from the American system.

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If that last paragraph up there sounds polarizing and somewhat offensive that’s because it is. It’s pretty shitty to have to bear the burden of your entire ethnicity's bad reputation, isn’t it? Think about that the next time you expect all Muslims to repent for the “sins” of a few or when you treat a Latino like a servant because you’re assuming his accent makes him an “illegal.”

There’s nothing left to say. There are no comforting words to pass on because this will happen again. That’s not pessimism, that’s reality. I thought a classroom full of dead kindergarteners would make a difference, but it didn’t--the shootings just kept coming. I’ve got nothing for you now but this mirror I’m holding up, which I refuse to put down.

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