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06 November 2015

    Feminism? We don’t need no stinking feminism.

  Five thousand dollars isn’t going to cut it, guys. Good effort though. The sure-fire way to let NBC know that you disagree with their programing would be by not tuning in. Say no to this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, brown people. Remember what they say about the pueblo unido.

  We all need to be more careful about whom we put in charge.

Image Source: Oh FFS, can Hollywood just put on its big boy pants and quit making it so hard for women to get the movies they want made? More women directors, screenwriters, producers and stars would be a better idea. And while you’re at it, Hollywood, you can stop trying to convince everyone that females over the age of 18 don’t exist, no one is buying it anymore.

  We should totally have a right to know what they know about us. I wonder what countries do allow you to look at your own information. It’s entirely too telling that the U.S. is not among them.

  Ben Carson makes me uncomfortable. Taking into consideration that Dr. Carson’s camp already confirmed that this was a lie, he makes me terribly uncomfortable.