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27 October 2015

    Are police officers not trained in de-escalation techniques? Do they not have any sort of instruction on how to get a situation under control without abuse of power or excessive force? I’m curious.

  She wasn’t disturbing school; she was standing up for her classmate who was being mistreated. She was doing what one is supposed to do. I wonder if anyone is going to investigate this bullshit as well as the assault.

  Well, it seems like it’d be harder to accidentally kill someone if what you’re working with is nunchakus. With that said, the cop in the first link didn’t use anything but his hands to demonstrate excessive force, so who knows how much of a help this will be.

Image Source: Justin Picard via ozy.com Yes, a euthanasia coaster sounds outrageous, maybe even downright crazy. Looking at death in a different light, however, seems like a brilliant idea. Why not?

  I hope more companies opt for this sort of thing. Better yet, I hope more people opt out of losing their minds for non-deals designed to separate them from their money and stay home instead.

  People like the Pharma Bro count on you not knowing eactly what they’re talking about and not caring enough to look it up or ask questions—real questions. Hopefully that makes you mad enough to stay informed and call out the bullshit when you see it. If you don’t, no one will.