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18 September 2015

    No. The Mexican people are outraged about the killings within Mexico, but you'd never know it because their president, Enrique Peña Nieto, does his best to ignore those domestic tragedies. He's worthless.

  He makes an excellent point and it’s too bad he’s not working for the Sanders campaign.

  As a Republican, why would you lie to yourself about the horrible mess George W. Bush made of the U.S. during his eight years in office? Why would you attempt to erase those trying years, which were replete with foul ups, bad judgment calls and political disasters? It does the Republican Party no good to deny any part of that. The thinking folks among you will eventually start to wonder about the Republican commitment to progress if you can’t admit what the rest of us refuse to forget.

  Image Source: The Distinguished Grisly   I know, I know. Being overly PC pisses you off. Well microagressions get my blood boiling in less than three seconds. Care to dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight anyway?

BONUS LINK Because I know you’re thinking of the scene right now, too:

You're welcome.   Maybe it’s time to acknowledge the validity of a rip-off whist accepting that it is indeed an imitation. Originality will always be the right direction.

  Facebook is where people try to convince others that their life is “utterly awesome” and Twitter is where folks try to convince others of that misery is awesome. I still love both because nothing’s perfect, least of all people on social media (myself included, and you too, buddy. I’m not alone in this.)