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17 August 2015

    The mentality that we owe every last bit of ourselves to our jobs, because our jobs alone pay the bills, is becoming outdated. It’s time to accept that we are not our jobs, no matter how awesome or horrid they might be. Respecting employee’s personal lives by acknowledging that they’re allowed to have them is an excellent first step.

  Yes, all the outsider / illegal brown people are taking all the gold that paves the streets here in the Land of the Free. Oh and we’re totally shipping it back to the motherland. That’s right, we’re taking everything you have and we’re leaving you with nothing, you deluded American superpower, you. In case my Internet sarcasm is failing me today, let me clarify: Us brown people are not the enemy, guys. We’re just the smoke and mirrors.

  Be pro-choice for yourself all day. I respect that, but the moment you try to push your personal religious beliefs onto others, that respect flies out the window. Limiting a woman’s choice is not about God or life; it’s about control.

  Image Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images North America   I don’t understand why people get all bent out of shape when folks like Patrick Couderc (a designer for Herve Leger) say off the wall shit like this. He works in fashion, guys. This would be the same industry with such a narrowly defined version of beauty that it’s been deemed unattainable for the average human being. How do Leger’s words not align with that world? Yes, what he said was horrible, but then so is the exclusivity associated with high fashion.

  I dunno. If the folks in charge weren’t being asked to make water into wine, maybe they wouldn’t be so cut-throat with their managing practices. I don’t see how threatening those people will make anything better. A workplace where you’re made to feel like you always have to watch your back is the worst kind of place to call home from 9-5.

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