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13 August 2015

    When people ask me why I insist on being a feminist, I point them to stuff like this. Us women (and girls) are not incubators. We’re human fucking beings that know how to take care of ourselves and who have the mental capacity to know what’s right for our own bodies. Until women’s rights are respected the same way men’s rights are, I’m not gonna back down.

  Oh for fucks sake, men. Your penises are great and everything, but no one aside from you wants to look at it all goddamn day. Besides, every time you take a picture of your wang you’re stealing a tiny bit of its soul.

  This is simply brilliant. I would love to see these all across the country.

  Image Source: Live Meme   Nope. Do not accept. Raping people does not bring you closer to God. It brings you closer to being the true scumbag you are on the inside.

  I’m sharing this one because I’ve been tired all day and I can’t figure out why. That’s all I got, I’m sorry I failed you.

  I wish I would have learned to code. I was huge into foreign languages, but not once did this computer nerd think it would behoove her to learn the language of her favorite machine. Oh and I wish I hadn't been so pathetically afraid of math.