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07 August 2015

    What for? He’ll just avoid her call the way he avoids fighting opponents that actually have a shot at taking him down. I used to think Mayweather a legend, but legends have heart and don’t simply run from punches to ensure a big payday. They fight because they're boxers.

  Just as we should scrutinize the financial backing of our favorite presidential candidates, so too should we evaluate the funds backing those studies which impact our personal choices. If you want to know about the validity of the study, look at where the money came from. That's always solid advice and an excellent place to start.

  "Goon" is the best descriptor I’ve read thus far for Donald Trump. The rest of this is pretty spot on as well. For a schmear of sanity to top off last night's conservative extravaganza, check out the full article. You know, since Jon won’t be around to sum it all up for us later. Can I get a moment of silence for the end of an era?

  Image Source: detritus via Flickr   The future is now, people. You can totally VR your way around Mars using free NASA apps and other tools. Let’s click on over, learn some shit and maybe even realize just how similar we are in a universe of vast differences. Anyone down for holding hands and singing around a campfire? No? Just me? OK.

  But can he actually win? I need a win. WE need a win.

  In case you're wondering why things like feminism exist, read this.