No News Isn't Good News

I don’t have any news for you today. All I have is the same old shit. Yet another unarmed person was killed by a police officer, this time in Ohio. Once again, someone was pulled over for a bullshit violation and a police officer failed miserably at doing his job. The only difference is that today we got the body camera video so that we could all see for ourselves. I watched it and I hope you do too.

Here’s the police report that states Officer Tensing was dragged, which he clearly was not. There’s also a statement from another officer that says he saw Tensing get dragged, even though he was not. Hopefully someone’s looking into that as well.

University of Cincinnati Police Report

In case it’s unclear, Tensing shot Sam Dubose without hesitation, like a goddamn animal. You know, the same way a big game hunter takes down lions, tigers and bears. This needs to stop. This affects all of us. There is no news today because this kind of shit is not new.

RIP Sam Dubose

Image Source: CNN