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28 July 2015

    Cecil the lion’s death is a horrible thing. However, when reading comments on various news articles I came across one very poignant opinion. A young man wondered why the world was outraged at this “murder” while still consuming meat that comes from places where animals are treated notoriously poorly. I was right there with the Internet from the moment I heard about Cecil’s death. Nevertheless, this guy had a point. I totally eat bacon and eggs that I’m pretty confident come from places that treat their animals like crap. I did manage to stop going to the circus and I refuse to pay to see any animals like Tony, the truck-stop tiger, baby steps I guess. I’m not giving up meat though, already tried that (when I found out how badly they treat the animals that become our food) and got really sick. On that note, I’m off to eat more plants.


  A man who thinks he cannot rape his wife must have a markedly one-sided sex life that reeks of sadness. I have a very clear picture in my mind and it’s utterly pitiful.


  Planned Parenthood is about so much more than abortions. This is where many women go for the healthcare they might not be able to get elsewhere. If pro-lifers are so worried about lives, why do they want to limit women’s access to healthcare? If they believe aborting a fetus is murder, then they should ensure they never abort any of their own fetuses and leave the rest of us to decide for ourselves what will and will not happen to our bodies.

  Image Source: Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press   I think we should all be able to see this video. There was a national debate about the need for these body cams a year ago when Mike Brown was shot and killed. Many saw them as a waste of taxpayer money. This video could clear that up quick. Did Sam Dubose do as the cops told him? Did he resist or did he die even after doing as instructed? I want to know and considering the shitty performance lately by scores of American police officers, resulting in many deaths, I feel I’m owed it.

  Sometimes it feels like information is your only friend, but that’s not true. There’s always Abba Zaba.

  I kind of hate that Twitter’s “biggest problem” is what I see as its biggest asset. I don’t want it fixed, but “fixed” it will be and that’s the positive end result.