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21 July 2015

    No. This isn’t news, but it should be repeated. Ladies: We are not there. Not yet. And for the record: Read the freakin’ comments and leave your own. Don’t engage in a battle of the dimwits, but voice your motherfucking opinion. That pathetic, entitled and whiny crap the trolls dish out, deserves to be shut down. The battle for the Internet is real, just ask Ellen Pao.


  These videos would only really be of value if they weren’t edited. Adamant pro-lifers have been known to lie; they spout facts about fetal development that aren’t always correct. They harass and abuse women who go to places like Planned Parenthood for medical services. They’re calculated, sneaky and manipulative. Planned Parenthood is not. You can’t fight science with scare tactics forever.

  Google+ is on its deathbed, no matter what they say.

  Image Source: OTVIIIisGrrr8!   The saddest thing about this is at the end of the video. One of the suggested tricks to ensuring you remember that you’ve got a little one in the back seat? Put your cell phone back there. You won’t forget your kid, so long as your most prized possession is near by. We are so messed up, guys.

  How do I go about adding this to the official list of reasons why we should be studying the medical benefits of cannabis? If what we need is more credible data, then why aren’t we out there getting’ some?

  If you haven't felt horrified today, come take a gander at this.