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16 July 2015

Solidarity is the only way to get anything of great magnitude done. That’s not to say that mob mentality or groupthink is the answer, but we are all more powerful when we cease to stand alone.

Now is not the time to try and save face, Mexico. Now would be the time to try and ensure your people’s safety from the criminal that diluted everything good about your country. To clarify, I was talking about El Chapo and not Enrique Peña Nieto.

This is a great article that fully explains the Greek financial crisis in layman’s terms. I’m glad to finally get my head around it, but I am 100% sick of hearing this argument when financial crises boil over: The banks were too central to the operation and health of the economy, no matter how recklessly they had behaved, to punish with losses. <- fuck that and everything that supports that bullshit. Banks should be held accountable for their reckless lending practices, period.


Image Source: Cyrus McCrimmon / The Denver Post

This makes no sense in a state where it’s perfectly legal to roll up into a dispensary and buy some bud. All you need is a valid ID and some patience to wait in line. If the board members are really struggling with the science, why not put a program in place to study the benefits of cannabis use? Why instead indefinitely deny those who suffer from PTSD an opportunity to find relief? Why is the government still so afraid of weed?

Wal-Mart didn’t beat Amazon so much as we defeated ourselves with our hyper-consumerist tendencies. Most of us don’t need more useless shit, so just stop buying it. Also, Wal-Mart is the fucking antichrist and if you’re still shopping there out of choice, you’re not just part of the problem, you are the problem.

In case you’re wondering what human scum looks like, this is it: