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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

8 July 2015

    If the county clerks don’t have to do their jobs because of their beliefs, then I shouldn’t have to pay court related fees or tickets, since I believe I’m broke. Nevertheless, these people should be free to opt out of doing their jobs for personal reasons. After all, this is the land of the free. However, don't we normally just call that quitting?

  While this isn’t news per se, it’s fairly trendy for people to be buying or building tiny houses right now, so I’m gonna go ahead and say it counts. The post is hilarious and brings up many valid questions that I too would like answered. In fact, another one just popped into my head: Am I still being green if I get like three of these and put them all on one plot of land? Does that still count?

  It is down right astounding how much money Mexico has to spend on stuff they swear they didn’t buy. I weep for the motherland, but this kind of shit is why my parents left and moved to DC. Mexico loses a lot of great folks that way.

  Image Source: Rich Pedroncelli /AP via USA Today   Keep it up, America. Don’t let them scare you into thinking you’re the problem. Freedom and safety, guys: It’s the American way.

  This is the part of politics that always felt sucky to me, even when I was ass-deep in the nation’s capital, surrounded by people excited to be part of the political machine. However, if you’re playing to win, well then you have to do what’s necessary, because there’s no way to work the system for the people if you’re on the outside. Ugh, conundrums are the worst, y'all.

  And because I care about your well-being, here is some information that should prove useful.