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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

01 July 2015

    Something about making the cable box (an item that malfunctions frequently) the brain of my smart house, seems like a bad idea.

  This is one of the myriad reasons it’s good to stay current with the news. If you're in the know early enough, you can participate in the outcry.

  Congratulations, Cuba. That’s huge. Universal healthcare is looking mighty fine these days.

  Image Source: Paz's New York Minute   It gets better every day, y’all. The Latinos have spoken--specifically us Mexicans--and since we delivered our message in broken contracts instead of broken English, I hope it was easier to understand.

Image Source: Paz's New York Minute

  I would feel safer paying my friends back with PayPal, a service designed specifically to transfer funds. I don't want to entrust that kind of transaction to a social media site, no matter how prevalent. I'm showing my age here, aren't I? Either way, I stand firm, Facebook fund transfers feel shifty for some reason.

  How much do you wanna bet Captain Obvious finally made that call to the Department of Justice and let them in on what the rest of us have known for some time? I might be unusually excited about this latest development. In my defense, I have a serious love / hate relationship with air travel.