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30 June 2015

    How long do you think before folks figure out how to make it so that all I have to do is think of the product I want in order to begin the purchase and shipping process? Amazon’s already got that nifty button. It can't be long now.

  It is going to take resolve the likes we’ve not seen since the days of Dr. King to make it through this and come out a better nation.

  This is one of those fascinating possibilities that excites just a touch less than it terrifies. If you can send thoughts directly to another person, what’s to stop someone from hacking into your mind? At that point there’s no escaping madness and that right there is a horrifying prospect.

  Image Source: BBC   Hate can burn down every last church, but change cannot be stopped.

  Every minute aspect about separating a person from their money has been researched, studied and leveraged to death. Never doubt that.

  Correct me if I'm wrong, but this sounds a lot like the plot from Overboard. I’m intrigued even if she’s not Goldie Hawn.