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29 June 2015

    Just think of the possibilities, but make it quick before—oops, too late.

  Does this guy realize he should actually be angry at our education system or nah?

  Do you guys think Texas will just refuse to give abortions now, too?

  Image Source: Google via xdadevelopers   The honeymoon couldn’t last forever. We all knew we were giving Google entirely too much power, but now they’ve got it and their view has become our view. Guess it’s time to find another window and prop that baby open for some fresh perspective.

  This is going to be way better than talking with SmarterChild.

  We should get angry about things that matter, not profile pic filters. Focus your energies, you homophobic dummies. Or don’t, that way, at least the rest of us don’t have to deal with your narrow-minded stupidity.