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25 June 2015

    I’m proud of you, Univision. Let him sue you and stand strong. Us Mexicans / Latinos / Iberoamericans / Hispanics et al. need to stand up for ourselves. We’ve been the butt of the jokes for entirely too long. We are not the source of this country’s problems and it is time to stop blaming us.

  Abuse of power comes in many different shapes and sizes. This should be concerning to anyone that’s ever written and published anything online, including comments on news stories.

  OK, everybody who ever considered getting a security clearance to work for the federal government, but didn’t go through with it can now exhale a sigh of relief. PS – Dear Feds, you’re not the only ones doing all the watching. How’s it feel to be the one that’s been compromised?

  Image Source: ESA / ATG Medialab via Mashable   Sounds like me, every morning. We really do have more in common with the stars than we realize.

  The sad truth is that you’re likely not getting all the information you really need to make sound political decisions from any single news outlet. Get your news from lots of sources, look at the international outlets and get some perspective from the rest of the world. It’s eye-opening.

  To be completely honest, this sounds horrifying. It also makes me think of the time doctors had to remove a bit of my mom’s brain for a biopsy. It was a tiny fragment of grey matter and it wasn’t supposed to affect her so deeply, but it did. She wasn’t herself for a long time after that and her motor skills were off for a long while. I wonder what recovery is like for the folks that endure this last resort. I wonder who they are when they wake up.