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24 June 2015

    All I can say is that reading comprehension is a bitch, especially if your method of absorbing information doesn’t align with how most learn. I’m interested to see how this impacts our communication with the machines themselves. Will this be a springboard the kind of AI we so often see depicted in the movies?

  Thousands of rape kits sitting abandoned and untested nationwide and people still wonder how innocent men go to jail and pedophiles end up working with children so often. We’re failing ourselves, y’all.

  We’re safe, for now. The machines still need us.

  Image Source: BBC   For every hate Reddit, there’s a more powerful and positive Reddit just waiting to make an impact on this world.

  The mind really is a beautiful thing.

  An organic factory that isn't just a contradiction in terms? In reality, I didn’t even think it was a possibility, let alone a reality until I read this. Add this to the list of reasons to keep hope alive, y’all.