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17 June 2015

    I never understood why us humans have to kill an animal after it escapes a zoo or wanders into a neighborhood and winds up killing or hurting a human. The tiger was just being a tiger and for that he was killed? Of course it’s a tragedy that someone died, but this eye for an eye shit doesn’t work for me anymore. Respect life and accept that it’s a cycle we can’t always control.

  The reason an eye for an eye doesn’t work is because of perception. This asshole was tired of going to court so he murdered his ex-wife in front of their kid. This is not OK and this happens all too often in the name of justice. We need to re-learn how to respect life, y’all—all of us.

  Hey, if they can price gouge the way they do, charging hundreds of dollars for a short ride, then I don’t see how they wouldn’t have the money to treat their drivers like actual employees.

  Image Source: AT&T via PCWorld   I dunno AT&T, if you were open with your customers about how you planned to slow down their Internet connections after they’d reached 56GBs, you’d have less customers. Customers aren’t fools; they just don’t usually like to read the fine print or whatever’s been hidden between those tiny lines. This is where you, dear reader, take the hint and start reading the fine print.

  So like many things in this life, that number is somewhat arbitrary. It doesn’t matter though, at least if you’re competitive. One good weekly challenge and I obsessively work out and walk around in an effort to beat some of my fittest friends. The Fitbit brought competition to my workout schedule and I gotta say, it’s working like gangbusters.

  Get ready to keep on waiting because the conservative version of Jon Stewart is not going to come. This person simply does not exist yet.