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09 June 2015

    I get that we've got more people and what not, but I think the point is that we're just entirely too violent in American society. I'm not even blaming the guns anymore, y'all. It’s our mentality and it’s going to take all of us to change that. Scary.

  My only question is why the eff are Maryland and West Virginia the only states that restrict how much hospitals can charge?

  For the most part I agree, but that’s BS to assume that male relationships aren’t oftentimes focused around competition. Y’all compete with each other just as much as us women, I'm willing to bet that competition is why raises were invented in the first place.

  Image Source: Scott DW Smith via Mashable   Dreams do come true, people. That’s how I know weed will be legal recreationally, nationwide soon. I can feel it in my bones and my lungs. It feels good.

  Way to go, Iceland. Show the world that there actually is another way--the exact opposite way.

  The androids are coming for us and this is how they get in.