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08 June 2015

    I wanted to be excited about this sort of thing, but the reality of the situation in Mexico lead me only to think, “I wonder how long before he’s murdered,” upon reading this news. That is not hyperbole, that’s reality.


  This kid took his own life because nobody bothered to hold anyone accountable, except the scared black kid that said he didn’t do it. A 16-year-old kid’s life was cut short because enough people thought he looked guilty. Accountability will set us all free, but we’re going to have to demand it--better yet, we’re going to take it by blowing whistles and filming dirty cops. Don’t let the terrorists win, y’all. Keep those eyes peeled and grow the nards to do something when you find injustice slapping you across the face.

  Meticulous planning doesn’t sound like insanity to me. This guy has issues, but they seem to revolve around anger, not so much knowing right from wrong. 

Image Source: NASA / JPL–Caltech/JHUAPL/University of Arizona   A possible snapshot of life on Mars would get me daydreaming about going to space camp. Maybe on the next episode of Intergalactic CSI, we'll have a close encounter and shit our collective pants. What would that mean if tomorrow one of these space contraptions came face to face with a legit alien? How does that change life? What I’m asking is, when do we conquer and Columbus the fuck out of their advanced civilization? *Sheds a single red, white and blue tear.*

  Overheard at the scene: Quick! Blame the movies before someone tries to start holding us accountable. What? … Whichever one you want. Hurry!

  There has to be a better way for us to deal with mental illness in our society. Throwing these folks in jail is no better than throwing them in a mental institute. You don't suppose it’s the “throwing away” part that needs fixing?