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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

02 June 2015

    Amazon has just hooked us all up to their IVs and we're never getting loose. This is going to end up like that one scene from Human Centipede, I just know it.

  Oh good. Gamestop has saved ThinkGeek from a fate worse than death, a debut at Hot Topic. I wouldn't have felt right buying any nerdy goodness at that store, anyway. I'm too old to even say Hot Topic out loud. I'm not too old to buy nerdy crap at the video game store, though. I'll never be too old for that.

  The good news just will not stop lately. First the end of thong underwear was announced last week and now the end of voicemail is nigh. Granny panties and text messages 4 life, y’all!


  Image Source: Daily Mail   I feel like when you’re hired to do a job and paid to do it, you should just do it. Is that really too much to ask? If a judge can opt out of performing marriages, then I should be allowed to opt out of paying my parking tickets. Those are scales in Lady Justice’s hands after all. Scales aside, why do we even talk about the separation of church and state like it’s an actual thing that happens, when clearly it’s a Loch-Ness-Monster size myth?

  He’s right and I still wonder why people don’t care about their privacy. Maybe it’s because we’re still unaware of how closely we’re actually being watched. It’s like the news about those Samsung TVs that listen to conversations fell on deaf ears.


  Your stories and experiences are your own. They make you who you are. Don't let anyone usurp them, ever.