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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

28 May 2015

    That’s probably the best way to go about it.

  I got entirely too excited about this. After dancing around in a cloud of same-day-shipping joy I realized I don’t order from Amazon much anymore. There’s really no reason for me to be this excited, but dance I must. I celebrate all things that allows me to be more of a hermit because gratitude is important, guys.

  Hey, Time Magazine. Tell me again how Enrique Peña Nieto was supposed to be Mexico’s savior.

  Image Source: Collegetimes   This bartender clearly isn’t familiar with Uncle Ben and his wisdom. It might not be his job to make sure his customers are healthy enough to drink, but he is in the business of selling alcohol. He should be required to do business responsibly considering alcohol is a known lethal substance. Besides, you can't just make money off someone until they die and get off scot-free, monsieur. Well, unless you're a huge corporation.

  I can see why. Sometimes, I just like feeling a book in my hands. I like the sensation of the pages between my fingers and the scent of a fresh find. The sense of accomplishment after reading a physical book is somehow magnified as well. We should all get lost in a bookstore sometime.

  I do. I had a StarTac. I don't think of it often, but when I do I'm flooded with the nostalgia, wonder and frustration of a time when not every question could be answered with a few clicks of a smart phone.