That's a Good Look

This doesn't happen often and when it does it’s always memorable. This morning, after I got myself out of bed and after having dealt with the horror of realizing I was out of coffee, I begrudgingly sat down at my desk to read the news. This morning I found out that Bruce Jenner had introduced Caitlyn Jenner to the world via the cover of Vanity Fair. This morning I discovered that Caitlyn Jenner is pretty damn fine. Image Source: Vanity Fair

Caitlyn is gorgeous and that’s hard to ignore. After marveling at Jenner’s debut photo for a while, I began to brace myself. I took a deep breath, threw up my Grain of Salt filter and glanced at the comments underneath her story. I was ready to be assaulted by the ignorant assholes of the Internet that lurk in every comment section; I had my guard up. I was prepared to look away the moment I realized I was reading one of their hateful, sad, and pathetic comments. Flinching before I had even read anything, I began to scroll.

The first comment I read was positive, the second, third, fourth, and fifth too. “What the ever-loving fuck is going on right now?!” I thought to myself as I scrolled through tons of positive feedback and well wishes. The Internet I know is full of outspoken and intolerant jackasses. They live for moments like these and they exist only to tear down and mock. I expected them to be out in full force on Caitlyn Jenner’s first day in the public eye, but they weren’t.

Image Source: Vanity Fair

As far back as I can remember, Bruce Jenner’s appearance has been an easy target and I suppose I was expecting that same fate to befall this woman who simply got tired of hiding. To my surprise however, that’s not how things played out. Instead, the positive vibes came flooding in and the trolls were swiftly muted. I was wrong, y'all. Caitlyn Jenner is not going to be a laughing stock. What it looks like is that she'll be a trans icon and her legacy started this morning.

To be honest, I haven't been this excited about being wrong since that whole Y2K fiasco. It feels good to be wrong…

Image Source: Giphy

…And to be reminded that the world isn’t always this heartless and divisive cesspool we make it out to be in our heads. The Internet surprised me this morning and I liked what I saw. It’s a good look.