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21 May 2015

    It is legal to videotape police in all 50 states. However, in Washington, California, Nevada, Texas, Montana, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Massachusetts and New Hampshire right-to-privacy laws have been expanded to include police officers. Know your rights. Upload videos to the cloud immediately or send them to a friend as soon as you’re done. You don’t want dirty cops destroying your only copy. Know your rights, protect yourself and protect good cops by documenting the bad ones. If the government will not hold these animals accountable, then we most certainly should.

  I’m fucking tired of seeing shit like this in the movies. I’m tired of dumpy looking dudes with super-model looking girlfriends when the opposite is almost never the case. I'm sick of near-death actors playing the romantic lead opposite a recently birthed starlet. I’m done. I want to see badass chicks, female superhero’s, women older than 33, I want to see women in all their complexity and glory featured in movies just as the men have been up until this point. I want better movies and better moviemakers.

  A friend of mine uses one of these types of services and I have to say, it looks promising. I want to eat more healthfully, but time and money are always concerns. Unlike Gwyneth Paltrow, I cannot survive on seven limes. Maybe Gobble can save me.

  Image Source: Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa Technik   Awesome. I’m glad for the ultra wealthy and stuff, but I’m likely never going to fly in anything remotely close to this and the truth is, neither will you. Why do we give so many fucks about the ridiculous stuff the insanely wealthy do with their money? We’ve escaped from our own reality for too damn long and I’m tired of celebrating other people’s penchant for spending cash. Go on, click it and be impressed. Hell, marvel for a little while. When you’re done, think about the stuff that actually matters. Your Thursday buzzkill has been brought to you by jaded realism.

  Drink up, fellas.

  Welp, Kojima and Konami failed me with regards to Silent Hills, but Maybe EA games can save the day with a Need For Speed reboot. This looks great and everything, but I’m hoping the folks at Electronic Arts find it in their hearts to allow gamers to race the people that happen to be sitting on the couch next to them. That would make this old lady’s day.