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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

19 May 2015

    We're going to see the launch of a business that comes to your home and feeds you alcoholic drinks through a tube, in the comfort of your own home, before weed is legalized nationally, aren't we?

  The myth persists because it’s much easier to believe you’re doomed than to believe in the dream. Believing in the dream requires work, dedication and time. The only problem is we're all too busy watching our backs to do our due diligence. Pessimism is an insidious beast.

  I like that tackling racism by giving children the tools (i.e. respectful, straightforward, inclusive language and communication skills) to talk about the obvious differences that make up our racial and ethnic backgrounds, is seen as liberal and progressive. In reality, this seems like the logical, long-term solution to eradicating the barriers that keep us from seeing one another as people first.

  Image Source: KQED   It’s funny how the key to most things is respect.

  We are a bunch of busy body, death wish having motherfuckers. I shove the phone so far into my purse there’s no way in hell I’d be able to dig it out to look at it while I’m driving. Listen to music, people it’s been known to heal souls, imagine what it could do for traffic.

  The future is now, now, NOW. And you're gonna wanna have what she’s having.