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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

12 May 2015

    The people of Nepal can’t catch a break.

  And while there are people scrambling to donate money to the earthquake survivors in Nepal, there are others throwing money at a billionaire so that he can pay his million-dollar fine. Please, for the sake of everything right and good in this world, don’t give your money to billionaires that cheat to win. Save it or give it to people who actually need the help.


  This is just a reminder that Anonymous is not the enemy. Your shitty passwords or complete lack of security, however, should be.

  Image Source: Sparknotes   Something’s always gotta give and it’s usually the notion that it’ll all get done tomorrow. Procrastination is my meth, what’s yours?

  You and me both, Elon. You and me both.

  Please don’t let this be some new form of technology that will serve only to feed our narcissistic tendencies. We’ve already got cellphone selfies for that. Use it for good, people.