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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

11 May 2015

    Everyone hates an unauthorized immigrant until they begin to realize they're a big part of the reason the day-to-day gets done.

  I guess the problem lies in how we define ‘ethical.’ You know, just as much as it resides in how we define ‘slut’ when attempting to shame someone for personal reasons.

  Four accidents--most of which were fender-benders--in seven months doesn't sound too bad if you ask me. It sounds even better if you ask me while I'm driving on the freeway noticing entirely too many people with their faces buried in their phones.

  Image Source: Aeromobil   Eff. There go my Jetsons flying-car dreams yet again. : ( Why does the future hate flight?

  Calm down. This is not proof that the Greys exist. Wait. Am I the only one that needs calming? In my defense, those little guys terrify me and I breathe an extra sigh of relief today.

  Would this be less outrageous if there were an equal number of buses with pictures of a hot, shirtless man? Yep--at least for me. If we’re gonna objectify and use sex to sell, let’s use everyone’s sex and not just the women’s. Maybe that makes me a lazy feminist, but I’m willing to bet it’d get the point across.