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08 May 2015

    He changed his mind when he heard no one wanted to pay to see him run away for 12 rounds while attempting to hugging it out. That or he's trying to piss everyone off, so they'll want precisely what he says he won't give them. Whatever it is, it's not working, Mayweather, you're not getting my money again. You've got quite enough.

  You can only depend so much on what people say they’re going to do.

  At eight years old this kid was treated like a commodity to be shipped form one place to another. That’s got to do a number on the human psyche. Our immigration systems worldwide seem pretty messed up if this is what people are resorting to.

  Image Source: The Independent   Justice shouldn't feel like some sort of novelty and yet in Mexico that is far too often the case. I hope this is resolved justly and the families of the missing 43 find closure. These tragic events should serve as reminders of what happens when you let corruption go unchecked for too long. Crooked cops are a global pandemic.

  Thanks, Starbucks. Do you guys think that the Nestle people can feel me uncomfortably staring in their direction? No? Maybe if you do it with me. On three and hold it for as long as you can. One. Two. Three…


  Don’t ever forget how easy it is to manipulate data and statistics.