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06 May 2015

    I went to Mexico City a couple of years ago to see Frida's Casa Azul in Coyoacán. I gave myself a migraine from the excitement that built up during the cab ride from my hotel to Frida's house. Usually, when I get that enthusiastic about something, I expect to be let down. I'm a bit of a defeatist, what can I say? On this occasion, however, that was not the case. I knew I wouldn't be let down and I expected greatness because of what Frida, her life and her work mean to me. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. I could have wandered around her home all day, but a couple of hours were all I got. In the end, it was worth the migraine, the long-ass taxi ride and the argument I got into with my family because they didn't want to give me the time to go see Casa Azul. I'll never forget the experience and maybe one day I'll even get to go back. Frida understood pain like no one else and that makes me feel connected to her and her work. I'm glad I made the trip and I'm even glad I fought with my family to get to Coyoacán. When you connect with something or someone, it matters and it shouldn't be ignored because the soul can’t grow when you ignore those connections. Find what matters to you and try to understand it because that’s all you're going to get in this lifetime.

  Good things--wait no, fuck that--great things happen when people listen to one another instead of condemn each others viewpoints.

  More proof that you need nature more than she needs you.

  Image Source: @ISAAMSHAREF / Instagram via Mashable   You know who hits people who are half their size and when they're not looking? Bitches, that’s who. FIND HIM, Internet.

  See what I mean about connections?

  Your primary computer is now your phone. Welcome to the future, kids. We have officially arrived.