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Not Breaking, but Interesting News

01 May 2015

    Can you believe that sometimes the good news just keeps on coming? It’s pretty sad that I’m shocked every time I read one of these out of Nigeria, isn’t it?

  The surprises aren’t stopping today:

  No matter what, there will always be a flip side—pay attention to both, regardless of which side you’re on.

  Image Source: David Becker / Getty Images   …And that’s exactly why I want a miracle tomorrow night. If anyone’s got a snowball’s chance in hell to take him down, it’s Manny. Granted, the odds aren’t in Pacquiao’s favor, but should Saturday be the day that the Great One falls, I want to be watching. I truly am my own worst enemy. : (

  I’m starting to think that perspective is way more of a bitch than karma.

  Because sometimes, when people spew their venom in your direction, you gotta defend yourself and make yourself heard. This dog knows what I'm talking about.