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28 April 2015

    Goddammit, you guys. I don’t want to drink poo water. I sincerely hope we find the rain again. Whoa, I think I just accidentally invoked 1980s Annie Lennox. Yep. Here Comes The Rain Again is looping in my head now and probably will be for the rest of the night. Well, at least it’s a good song.

  Finally we’re hearing some good news out of Nigeria. It is encouraging to see that the kidnapped aren’t being treated as a lost cause.

  Shit. It seems in addition to television, the Internet also rots your brain. It just might be too late for us all.

  Image Source: CNN   There’s no excuse, but there are lists of reasons and this will keep happening until something changes. The protests and riots will lurch closer and closer to home until we are all forced to see that this isn’t a thug’s problem or a criminal’s problem, this is our problem. Those are our police officers abusing their power and they’re not going to stop until someone forces them to. We’ve held up the mirror, hell, we’re holding it up right now and not a damn thing seems to be moving toward change. The question stands: How do you police the police?

  This is cool and everything, but think about how often Google Translate gives you a questionable result. Conversely, if this works, it will open up the entire world to people with social disorders.

  If you opt out of being an asshole, kids will notice. Do it for the kids. Do it for our future.