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27 April 2015

    Seventeen per cent is a huge increase and alcohol isn’t even that great. It makes you ill and it’s downright evil when left unchecked. Weed on the other hand, weed you can count on and who couldn’t use a little more stability in this crazy, fast-paced paradox we inhabit? Once you learn to control the munchies, the world becomes your stoned oyster. In other words, give it a go.

  After watching this, I think it’s safe to say that what we have is a “Robocop” problem above all else. Too many folks just going through the motions enables the corrupt to run rampant. I don’t know about you, but corruption is all I see when innocent people are killed by overzealous and cops who ironically never see justice. Accountability matters.

  Turns out it wasn’t a clerical error on Interpol’s part. Yep, looks like (yet again) Mexican officials were more than happy to feed into the corrupt Mexican official stereotype and throw another agency completely under the proverbial bus to save their asses from embarrassment. Mexico is so much better than the people who are in charge of running it.

  Image Source: BBC   How much more until something changes? This rebellion against the police who insist on killing unarmed individuals is becoming one terrifyingly sad pattern here in the U.S.

  Makes sense the younger among us are looking to apps like SnapChat for up-to-the-minute news. With real time comes real problems, though. It’s hard to know what’s legitimate when all the news is flying at you so fast. I hope that’s addressed in this platform.

  Excuse me, but I’m gonna go stare at foods rich in carbs for a while to test out this theory. Wish me luck!