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24 April 2015

    Next thing you know, they’ll start building walls and giving people spaces that look like little offices, but without the doors.

  What? Did I hear that correctly? Was that a bubble bursting in the background? I can’t be sure.

  I find it utterly terrifying that this is what a toddler must go through to try and ensure they get a good education. This process alone is intense enough, but on top of all that, parents still have to pay serious cash to make any of this possible. Poppycock, I say!

  Image Source: BBC   I dunno, this sort of technology gives me Gattaca flashbacks. Perfection becomes horrifying entirely too easily. Besides, no one wants to be a an “in-valid.”

  So many companies catering to the wealthy and ultra-wealthy and yet so few of us make that kind of cash. Weird how that happens, huh? Either way, this is a smooth looking vehicle.

  And finally, because it’s the weekend and we should all read more: